TurningWood.com was founded on the principle that products woodturners need, have to be of great value, affordable and available.

Just like woodturning, it is all about passing on the knowledge. In these pages you will find a cornucopia of “stuff” that I use and like enough to get my support in offering to you.

Traveling all over the country to symposiums and to demo, I look for new gadgets and tools that will do something that others don’t. Maybe solve a problem you didn’t know you even have. If you have any questions or have a suggestion for a new product, please let us know

I could tell you it started back in grade school, and it really did. But it was in front of an old Craftsman lathe turning spindles for a room divider out of Walnut. Dad really didn’t know much about sharpening, but we managed to survive making about 20 3′ long spindles.

Fast forward to 1994 or so, moved to Texas (got here as soon as I could!) and being OCD, I needed a new hobby. The Mrs. said I could do what I want but had to take a class first. Woodcraft pen turning class ended up costing $1000. Made pens and bowls and boxes and did some shows. Settled into square turning. Wrote several articles on it as early as 1999. Somewhere in-between, I got frustrated trying to order sanding disks and made up my own methods and started TurningWood.com to sell those.
Been a fun ride, and it is just beginning. Been a demonstrator all over the US at small clubs and large symposiums. Taught long classes and impromptues.

Been a blast. Now it’s a lot of mixed media, wood, glass, paints, whatever the heart desires. The best piece I will ever create is hopefully to come.